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DIY Cheap Homemade Air Conditioner Quick Build

Hi, today I’ll show you have to build your own super simple air conditioner with parts around the house. Parts used:

Computer fan
12V AC adapter
Hot glue
A knife

Optional parts:
XT 60 connector
12V battery

It really does not take a long time to build. You will first have to find a container, a milk package works great. Cut an opening in the package for the computer fan and glue in place. A computer fan can be found in a computer (obviously), but you could also use a small brushed motor. Connect the AC adpater to the fan by using a connector, or if you want to make it real simple, connect it straight to the fan. However, the connector makes it more portable and gives you the possibility to use a 12V battery instead of a 220V outlet. Push the ice into the package and power the fan. You should now have a fully working air conditioner.

A computer fan is perfect to use since it will be quiet and use very little power. The idea behind this quick build was to cool down the computer area. Due to multiple screens and a hot running computer, the room can get very warm. The DIY simple AC takes care of that problem!

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Sony Alpha a55

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