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A unique look at Solar Air Conditioner systems

How to Repair a Frozen Air Conditioner

AC repair performed by a dependable and Cheap AC Repair Company

Should you in the market to replace your air conditioning system rather than do  expensive AC repairs, you just might want to make sure you do your researching on the many different manufacturers available. There are numerous different brands and models available to choose from and while an AC unit  is an air conditioning unit there are huge differences in sale price and the units dependability, but just because a brand is far more expensive does definitely not mean that it is better. Consult with a seasoned AC Repair Co and see what they recommend. You furthermore should check out the brands on the net. Consumer reports does a yearly report on the best AC units to buy. Some of the brands you can check out are York, Trane, Rheem, Goodman,Comfortmaker, Carrier, Bryant, Ameristar, American Standard, and Amana.

when you are getting ready to call your chosen Air conditioner Repair Company make sure that you have the address, and major cross streets ready. You should additionally know exactly what the symptoms are with the ac unit. You will probably furthermore need to allow the co fully understand if the unit is on the ground or a roof unit. These few things will make everything go promptly and get the AC repairman over to you rapidly.


There might come a time when the expensive of AC repairs start to not make sense.  If the time has come that you have repaired your unit numerous times and it has started to get out of hand it might be time to start thinking about installing a new AC unit.  There are a lot of great brands, and models on the market today.  You need to do your home work and decide what SEER rating you are willing to pay for.  I say it like this as we would all like the highest SEER rating, but most of the time the expensive of the higher Seer rating does not fit into our budget.

Cheap air conditioning repair for las vegas area
Las Vegas Cheap AC repair

If you are searching to switch your AC system rather than do AC and heat repairs, you should do your analysis on the different brand names available. There are numerous different models and while an air conditioner is an heating and ac there are huge differences in price and dependability, but just because a brand is more costly does possibly not mean that it is better. Talk to a seasoned AC Repair Co and see what they recommend. You additionally should check out the manufacturers on the net. Consumer reports does a yearly report on the best AC and heat units to buy. Some of the models you can take a look at are York, Trane, Rheem, Goodman,Comfortmaker, Carrier, Bryant, Ameristar, American Standard, and Amana.


When faced with Air conditioning and heating repair, you should already have a dependable  cheap AC Repair Company that you can use. Before you should have any AC repairs undertaken, do your research on the Heating and cooling companies in your area. Check their critiques on line, speak to your neighbors, friends and family, someone has used a good AC Repair Co at one time or another. Normally you want a good small Heating and cooling Repair Co as they don’t have the over head that the large companies have thus their prices should be better.


If you are looking to find a reliable but cheap AC repair you can find it in Las Vegas with a little research.  All American also offers Cheap AC units for sale in the Las Vegas area.  You can find numerous air conditioning repair companies to do your air conditioning repairs, but you have to search for the ones that will not cost you an arm or a leg.

Routine servicing can keep the ac and heat unit performing efficiently longer, cleaning the evaporator coils every year, or at least having them inspected every year is very important. Checking the amps of the ac compressor and the motors can give you a heads up to start saving for a major repair that is coming. Having an AC repair repairman look into the wiring to make certain that they’re in great condition can help save you later on.

You are certainly not getting very much cool air emerging from your vents, when was the very last time you changed your filter? Dirty air filters can be the good reason for many of Hvac repairs that could have been averted simply by swapping the ac filter every month if you use the cheap air filters that you can see through. If you use the much more pricey air filters you might want to change them about every two weeks, as they restrict ventilation even when they’re first put in.

AC repair or is it time to replace your unit

About 15 years ago when I purchased my home I noticed that my power bills, we’re only about $150 per month during the hot summer. Today my power bill seems to run around $600 for the same months. It is clear to see that I have a problem with my air conditioner efficiency.

Throughout the years I have had maybe 5 air conditioner repairs done to my home. Most of those have been things like capacitors, contactors and wires. I’ve also had to replace a fuse. So this last time when I requested and air conditioning repair, from my usual AC repair company I asked them what they thought maybe causing my power bill to increase so substantially.

The first thing that the AC repair company technician said was my unit is rather old. He did say that the technology really isn’t that much different today then it was 20 years ago but there have been some efficiency improvements in the way that the technology of air conditioners is actually implemented.

My air conditioner is a 10 seer unit. And from what I understand that is considered low by today’s standards. 20 years ago this air conditioner was top of the line. Also because my air conditioner has several motors including a compressor it is starting to draw higher then normal amperage. This means that even though my Seer for my air conditioner may have been 10 at one time it is probably much lower today.

The AC technician did say that my air conditioner would probably hold out, for one or two more seasons before I needed to make a major AC repair. After he said that he did tell me if I replace my air conditioner with at least a 13 seer AC I would experience lower power bills by more than 15 percent. He explained that some customers that he had sold brand new air conditioners to were seeing a decrease of 40 percent over the previous year’s bill.

If you are looking for an air conditioning repair company in Las Vegas, you will find that there are many available. Trying to find one that will give you an ethical and honest opinion of your air conditioning needs, is harder to find. For me, I and choosing not to replace my air conditioner at this time. However if I need an expensive AC repair, any time this season I will probably purchase a brand new central air conditioning system for my home.