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AC repair or is it time to replace your unit

About 15 years ago when I purchased my home I noticed that my power bills, we’re only about $150 per month during the hot summer. Today my power bill seems to run around $600 for the same months. It is clear to see that I have a problem with my air conditioner efficiency.

Throughout the years I have had maybe 5 air conditioner repairs done to my home. Most of those have been things like capacitors, contactors and wires. I’ve also had to replace a fuse. So this last time when I requested and air conditioning repair, from my usual AC repair company I asked them what they thought maybe causing my power bill to increase so substantially.

The first thing that the AC repair company technician said was my unit is rather old. He did say that the technology really isn’t that much different today then it was 20 years ago but there have been some efficiency improvements in the way that the technology of air conditioners is actually implemented.

My air conditioner is a 10 seer unit. And from what I understand that is considered low by today’s standards. 20 years ago this air conditioner was top of the line. Also because my air conditioner has several motors including a compressor it is starting to draw higher then normal amperage. This means that even though my Seer for my air conditioner may have been 10 at one time it is probably much lower today.

The AC technician did say that my air conditioner would probably hold out, for one or two more seasons before I needed to make a major AC repair. After he said that he did tell me if I replace my air conditioner with at least a 13 seer AC I would experience lower power bills by more than 15 percent. He explained that some customers that he had sold brand new air conditioners to were seeing a decrease of 40 percent over the previous year’s bill.

If you are looking for an air conditioning repair company in Las Vegas, you will find that there are many available. Trying to find one that will give you an ethical and honest opinion of your air conditioning needs, is harder to find. For me, I and choosing not to replace my air conditioner at this time. However if I need an expensive AC repair, any time this season I will probably purchase a brand new central air conditioning system for my home.